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I am a fine art photographer and visual artist fascinated by Surrealism. Born in Italy, I was influenced by the classical beauty of Rome and the wild nature of Sardinia. I have always been a creative person from a very young age. My love for art and nature has shaped my personality.


My photography journey began over a decade ago as a passion during my travels and has now become my daily life and career.


My work focuses on the beauty, fragility and interconnectedness of our natural world but at the same time, I challenge the idea of reality we perceive. I create surreal and emotional images using imagination, with minimal post-production editing and real life techniques.


Printing is crucial to my work, as I consider it one of the final stages of my creative process. I carefully choose materials, size, and printing techniques to bring my images to life. Each of my works is produced in exclusive Limited Edition only, using premium materials (such as Acrylic Glass, Aluminium, Fine Art paper, Canvas) and bespoke frames. 


I am based in Leamington Spa, in the heart of Warwickshire.


My artistic practice focuses around photography, blending traditional imagery with real-life settings and mixed media techniques to create my compositions. 

My journey begins with the transformation of dreams into tangible realities, as I meticulously recreate envisioned scenes using an array of materials. Once the essence of the dream is materialised, I dive into the realm of photography, to capture the final composition.

In recent endeavours, I have ventured into the realm of mixed media, integrating painting techniques and utilising diverse materials such as pencil, acrylic paint, or gold ink adding to each piece its distinctive essence.

Patience is crucial, as some projects unfold over the course of several months, each moment of the journey contributing to the finished creation.

ArtCan Artist 

Leamington Studio Artists (LSA) Artist and Trustee 


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