I am a photographer and visual artist. Born in Italy, I grew up surrounded by the classical beauty of Rome and the wild nature of Sardinia. Since I was a child, my curiosity for art and nature played a fundamental role in shaping my personality.

My experience in photography started more than a decade ago as a passion during my travels, becoming soon part of my daily life and finally my job. During this period, I have produced a consistent portfolio of digital and print images.


My works express a continuous search for anything emotional and unusual. I love to capture the world around me, playing with my imagination, to create unique and intimate images where ordinary becomes extraordinary.


I am passionate about natural lights and geometries, finding inspiration in the shapes and colours of nature and architectures. I like to preserve as much as possible of the original image, minimising the postproduction editing.


No shoot is complete until it is properly printed, taking life into the real world. I consider printing a key part of my work. The choice of material, size and printing techniques is a fundamental part of my creative process.


I am based in Leamington Spa, in the heart of Warwickshire.

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